Thursday, July 14, 2011

I fell like... a rocket man.

I have a job interview today. I won't make much but it's more hours and a higher salary than what I was making. If I get it... I will get it. Because I'm unstopable.

This is the happiest I've been in a while. Come to think of it, it's been almost three weeks since my last nervous breakdown. About a two months since my first panic attack. It could be worse and I'm so gracious it's not.

I managed to set up my dry erase board today. I have a column for all my goals and each individual goal has its own column. I also have a column for assignments and a diagram of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. Hopefully, this will help keep me on the right track and over all, aide my sucess.

Yesterday was also another milestone. I wanted to read. Actually read a book. I havent felt the desire to pick up a book in years. I'd like to find something by Bukowski, however, I cant find anything. I'll visit the library soon... I also started writing a bit again, though, it's turned out more like mary-sue type work instead of something admirable. Then again, it doesn't really matter, does it? As long as I'm happy with what I have accomplished then anyone else can go fuck themselves.

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