Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am my own religion.

One of my instructors is a preacher, so naturally, our class discussion veered off toward a more religious subject.... Growing up in a diverse household, I learned quickly that Christianity isn't the only religion. I decided to label myself agnostic, though, labels are petty and don't mean much. A label is just a way to fit someone into a certain criteria.

I digress. I believe paranormal activity is real and I believe in demons. Yet, if I believe in these things, I must believe in heaven. Does that mean I do believe in God? Still, if believing in one God is acceptable, couldn't we believe in multiple deities? And if that's completely possible, we could believe anything is the higher power. For the past couple years I have been searching for some sort of tangible evidence of something, anything, to believe in.

I shouldn't feel as if I have to believe in anything. As long as I am a good person, it doesn't matter what I believe. Anything and every thing's completely possible. We don't know how we came to be, nor does it really matter. The bible is just a collection of stories, just like the Quran and tales of Buddha. It tells you about a higher power, yes. But its deeper than that. It's also a manual that shows you how you should be a good person. I don't have to believe in anything. And at this point in my life, I don't care to believe in anything except myself. I am stronger than anybody else because I am in control of what I believe. Not the pope, not the media. Only me.

I am my own religion.

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